Using openconnect to connect to a VPN

If you need to connect to your organization’s VPN (college, company, etc) and your preferred operating system is a UNIX based operating system such as Ubuntu, then you might have a hard time with the installation process of the third party VPN software. Take VCU for instance (my college). They use Cisco Anyconnect as the VPN software so that you can connect to the school network when you are away from campus. This software installs well on Windows, and probably mac, but the Linux installer they provide is not one that works well on every Linux distribution.
Fear not, there is an open source software called “openconnect” that does the same job and it’s really simple to use and install. In fact if you are running an Ubuntu distribution all you have to do is to run the command:


 $ sudo apt-get install openconnect


Once installed, in order to use it you run the command:

    $ sudo openconnect

    type user name

    type password 1

    type password 2


In the case of VCU it would look like this

    $ sudo openconnect

    (my vcu-eid)

    (my school password)

    (code obtained through the duo app)



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